Why did kate chopin write a pair of silk stockings summary

Sommers' marital status of importance to the story. The 'official' version of her life, that constructed by the men around her, is challenged and overthrown by the woman of the story.

A Pair of Silk Stockings: Mrs. Sommers Analysis

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The narration of the story is third person through the eyes of Mrs. Chopin's strong literary qualities were overlooked.

A Pair of Silk Stockings

During the quiet hours of the night she lay awake considering ideas. There were many others who were there only to watch the play. UP of America, She looked up at the shop girl. Library of America, Complete Novels and Stories. It has been critically acclaimed for its writing quality and importance as an early feminist work of the South.

They expressed her unusual portrayals for the time of women as individuals with separate wants and needs. Marquand writes, "Chopin undermines patriarchy by endowing the Other, the woman, with an individual identity and a sense of self, a sense of self to which the letters she leaves behind give voice.

To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. As Mrs Sommers is waiting for the cable car to arrive the reader is given a slight insight into how she wishes her life could be.

She could push her way if need be. Her new stockings and boots and gloves had worked wonders for her appearance. Sommers had known before she had ever thought of being Mrs. She thought about her day. After almost 12 years of publishing and shattered by the lack of acceptance, Chopin, deeply discouraged by the criticism, turned to short story writing.

They had given her a feeling of satisfaction, a sense of belonging to the well-dressed crowds. Kate Chopin was an American author who wrote novels and short stories. Mentine and Jules' marriage has weathered many hard times, while Armand and Desiree's falls apart at the first sign of trouble.

But that day she was tired and a little bit weak. Sommers rests at a counter where she will begin her shopping adventure. She purchases luxurious items and experiences in order to identify herself as someone of high tastes and high society.

Short Story: 'A Pair of Silk Stockings' by Kate Chopin

It is also interesting that there is no mention of a Mr Sommers in the story. In many of the stories that Kate Chopin included in her two books of short stories, Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie, we can tell a good deal about some characters because they live at a specific place in rural Louisiana, or they appear in several stories, or characters in other stories talk about them.

Apparently, most of her time is spent in taking care of the children which is hard enough with a husband, but if he is dead, then that doubles her work. Before she can buy clothing for her children, she comes upon a pair of silk stockings.This is the story of Mrs.

Sommers, the main character--or really only active character--in Kate Chopin's famous story ''A Pair of Silk Stockings.'' When she is surprised to find that she has fifteen dollars to spare, she starts thinking about how to spend it.

A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin is a short story originally published in the September issue of Vogue.

A Pair of Silk Stockings Summary

The main character is Mrs. Sommers, who receives a windfall of money and chooses not to spend it on her children, but rather on herself. “A Pair of Silk Stockings” is Kate Chopin’s short story about a married woman fallen on hard times who receives an unexpected windfall.

It describes how the. "A Pair of Silk Stockings" was written by Kate Chopin in April of and later published in Known for including in her stories local color from the Louisiana area, Chopin is also. Mrs. Sommers buys a pair of black silk stockings, which she immediately changes into, tossing her cotton stockings into her bag.

The stockings make her shoes look worn, so she seeks out a new pair. In A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin we have the theme of responsibility, escape, independence, freedom, identity, consumerism and temptation.

Why did kate chopin write a pair of silk stockings summary
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