The social control and oppressiveness of religion toward women

Humanity has been held to a limited and distorted view of itself -- from its interpretations of the most intimate of personal emotions to its grandest vision of human possibilities -- precisely by virtue of its subordination of women.

Heterosexism also derives from societal views of the nuclear family which is presumed to be heterosexual, and dominated or controlled by the male partner.

social issues surrounding women Essay Examples

Boverman and four other psychologists. Age oppression[ edit ] Young people are a commonly, yet rarely acknowledged, oppressed demographic. This form of racial oppression refers to discriminatory actions that are not directly backed by the legal powers of the state, but take place in widespread everyday social interactions.

We try to be both supportive and honest with one another as we wrestle with personal issues and explore ways of liberating ourselves as men. Explores how the code of masculinity cripples the personality and restricts the enjoyment of men, and suggests how they can liberate themselves.

These inequalities further perpetuate themselves because those who are oppressed rarely have access to resources that would allow them to escape their maltreatment. Feminist therapies concentrate attention on the growth-inhibiting ways that half the human family and their institutions treats the other half.

The general history of psychotherapeutic theory, until the advent of the feminist therapists, has reflected and reinforced the misogynic prejudices of male-dominated culture. One of these strands is the viewpoint that declares that the entire therapeutic establishment is inherently oppressive to women.

Psychoanalysis and Women, pp. I turn our attention to struggles over fitting criteria for leadership between Mary Magdalene and Peter in early Christian contexts.

The third form of racial oppression, second-class citizenshiprefers to some categories of citizens having fewer rights than others. Taylor [8] defined social oppression in this way: Each woman, as patient, thinks these symptoms are unique and are her own fault: In Going Crazy, p.

Our growth-constrictions are sugarcoated and hidden behind the rewards of our one-up position. The common motif in all the radical therapies is the conviction that personal growth and social change are inextricably interdependent. In contrast to traditional therapies, feminist therapy includes consciousness-raising to help women regain their power and self-worth by redefining themselves.


Her work may also fail to permit a meaningful measure of economic independence or to help her support herself or her family, which she identifies as the very purpose of her working. Women feminists can be effective growth enablers for men as well as women if they have owned their own power, so that they can avoid projecting their anger toward the male-dominated power establishment inappropriately onto male clients.

Guidelines to Feminist Consciousness Raising. Analyzing what is involved in civilized oppression includes analyzing the kinds of mechanisms used, the power relations at work, the systems controlling perceptions and information, the kinds of harms inflicted on the victims, and the reasons why this oppression is so hard to see even by contributing agents.

Such therapists represent a variety of therapeutic orientations and degrees of radically in their feminism. A groundbreaking book that sets forth a new understanding of women! It is essential for therapists who work with men to help raise their consciousness concerning ways the chronic pressures to "be a man" spawn both intrapsychic and interpersonal problems.

As Anderson writes, Feminists have not been able to imagine that either feminism or philosophy could exist in the subject area … of religion.

social issues surrounding women Essay Examples

Nonetheless, more fully understanding the problem remains an extremely complicated challenge for scholars. Notes of a Feminist Therapist, p.

The Social Status of Women in Ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia

A majority of people in the United States self-identify in surveys as middle class, despite vast differences in income and status.The social structure defined women in relation to their families.

Society viewed a woman as her father's daughter or her husband's wife -- and not as an autonomous individual. Royal women or those from rich and powerful families enjoyed a greater degree of personal autonomy, in some cases.

An Analysis of Religion as Primary Agent of Social Control in the Society. 3, words. 9 pages. The Fear and Social Control in the Movie, Saw. 3, words. The Social Control and Oppressiveness of Religion toward Women.

words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Deviance, Crime and Social Control in Tip Drill, a Music Video by Nelly. words. Contemporary Growth Therapies by Howard J.

Clinebell, Jr. Chapter Growth Resources in Feminist Therapies. Feminist therapies are one type of radical therapy.


The common motif in all the radical therapies is the conviction that personal growth and social change are inextricably interdependent. Social oppression. Social oppression is when a single group in society takes advantage of, and exercises power over, another group using dominance and subordination.

This results in the socially supported mistreatment and exploitation of a group of individuals by those with relative power. Above all, Durkheim believed that religion is about community: it binds people together (social cohesion), promotes behaviour consistency (social control), and offers strength for people during life’s transitions and tragedies (meaning and purpose).

WE ARE ALL familiar with the problem. It doesn’t take much of a survey of the relationship between the sexes during the past few thousand years to notice that the most obvious problem has been men’s violence and oppression toward women.

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The social control and oppressiveness of religion toward women
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