Examine the advantages and disadvantages to

Give reasons for your answer. The overseas laws may be conflicting in these policies. It helps in reducing the cost of production by eliminating the wasteful expenditure.

Keep reading for an overview of social media marketing advantages and disadvantages, along with how you can manage your accounts in a way that benefits your business.

Printer with colored ink. Observation Observation is one of the simplest methods for primary data research and would not cost much. Budgetary control facilitates centralized control with decentralized activity.

A global entity can keep some degree of uniformity in marketing throughout the world. Sentence 2 - give your final opinion I believe that these benefits of tourism outweigh its drawbacks. Whether a researcher uses an online surveymobile surveypaper surveyor a combination of all modes, the mode should depend on the type of study and the demographics of respondents.

These can be a great tool for growing your following and reaching more users, but are by no means mandatory for businesses. However wide your reach, your followers can share with their followers, who then share with their followers, giving you a wider reach with lower cost than a traditional marketing campaign.

Small-scale and cottage industries cannot grow in competition with big ones. Encourages sharing Perhaps the most unique advantage of social media is the ability to get help from your followers.

Domestic violence programs examine advantages closing, supplementing traditional shelters

Time intensive It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain an interactive social media presence. A Japanese might like a product to have a traditional touch, whereas an American might like to add a retro modern look to it. Disgruntled employees have been known to vent on social media about work and their bosses, which makes the entire company look bad.

Secondly, many exams encourage teaching to the test practice. American consumer will be different from the South African. If there is no definite aim then the efforts will be wasted in achieving some other aims. Surveys and Questionnaires Both are popular means of gathering data and can reach a large number of people, but they need to be designed and reedited repeatedly to make them acceptable to people.

Providing plans for achieving the objectives so defined. Reduced cost—The standardised procedure and method helps in considerably reduction of office cost. Businesses and investors get much wider opportunities for investment. How can you improve your products and services to better meet the needs of your target audience?

Quick decision is not possible which also results delay in office work. People love to share things with their networks, from photos and recipes to interesting articles and hot deals. Unsuitable aggregations and definitions. They work harder to improve their knowledge and skills. Cultural convergence — more people are moving toward western fashion 3.advantages by: Anonymous As to me advantages of exams outweigh its disadvantages.

Examining or assessing students learning is part of instruction. Results of exams give information about students learning to parents, teachers and students themselves, so that strengths will be maintained and weakness will be corrected on time. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of using both positivist and interpretivist methods of research (20) Positivism is a theoretical point of view which concentrates on social facts, scientific methods and quantitative data.

2. Budgetary control fixes targets. Each and every department is forced to work efficiently to reach the target. Thus, it is an effective method of controlling the activities of various departments of a business unit.

In examining the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership, it's important to pay particular attention to any possible disadvantages. Let's take a look at some of the downsides of a partnership.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds?

Advantages and disadvantages of online education Introduction It is basically credit-granting courses or education training delivered primarily via the Internet to students at remote locations, including their homes.

The Online courses may or may not be delivered synchronously. Advantages of Performance Management 1. Performance Based Conversations. Managers get busy with day-to-day responsibilities and often neglect the necessary interactions with staff that provide the opportunity to coach and offer work related feedback.

A performance management process forces managers to discuss .

Examine the advantages and disadvantages to
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